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Y Bookkeeping is set up to provide flexibility for your business, giving professional bookkeeping and administration services.
While we are not financial advisers, we do offer some business consultation advice.

At Y bookkeeping we like to do business a little differently - we understand that contractual, uniformed hours might not suit all businesses, so we have no minimum contracts or hours, allowing our customers to decide as and when we are required.  Our services are also available outside of the traditional hours of practice, allowing greater flexibility for you and your business needs.

We’d love to chat with you about your business and your requirements to see what value we could add with no obligation.

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There are a number of reasons to outsource your bookkeeping:

Great reasons to choose Y bookkeeping:

  • Increase your bottom line – Outsourcing your bookkeeping enables you to have more available billable hours to increase sales.

  • Reduce outgoings – Less expense is incurred with a bookkeeper versus a full-time employee and bookkeeping services are fully tax-deductible.

  • Time saving – Using an experienced bookkeeper saves time recording all financial transactions.

  • Invoicing – Having a bookkeeper focused on your invoicing and bills ensures you get paid faster by getting your monthly invoicing out on time.

  • Cash flow – Trained and experienced bookkeepers provide reports that you need to manage the flow of cash into and out of your business.

  • Compliant – Accurate, up to date records all compliant with HMRC regulations.

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When Karen started with us, it was immediately clear she would fit with the rest of the team. She quickly got to grasp with some of our more unique accounting practices.

Tim Rotherham

“I’m very impressed with the standard of services provided by Y Bookkeeping. Karen is extremely professional and keeps me feeling confident about financial issues that are a big mystery to me.”

Daniel Reeves

Karen started with CDT only working a few hours a week but quickly grew with the company. Karen had a flexible attitude to work and was a huge asset to the company. Karen was reliable and trustworthy and I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a Bookkeeper

Ian Watson

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